Golf Cars Plus is the ONLY place where you can custom order a new 2017 Yamaha Golf Car directly from the factory!

Click here to visit Yamaha's Build Your Own car application; after you have chosen your car, contact the team at Golf Cars Plus to place your custom order!

Both new and used golf cars can be customized to suit your use, budget and style, including the following options:

  • Rear flip seats
  • Head light / Tail light kits
  • Lift Kits
  • Aftermarket wheels and tires
  • High speed performance kits
  • Bluetooth speaker assembly
  • Black seat and black top upgrades
  • Full car enclosures
  • Standard and extended rear hitches
  • And more!

To learn more, please mail us at info@golfcarsplus.us or contact one of our sales associates (below) to discuss your needs and wants.

Our Representatives

Jeffrey Versluis

Plainwell, Michigan
Phone: (269) 685-6828 ext. 119
Email: jversluis@golfcarsplus.us

Paul Burns

Traverse City, Michigan
Phone: (231) 943-4645
Email: pburns@golfcarsplus.us


Location: Plainwell

Location: Plainwell

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Location: Plainwell


* 4 year Yamaha factory warranty!
* Custom two-tone paint job on body and front cowl
* Custom 14-spoke alloy wheels/ low-profile tires
* Head light/ Tail Light Kit
* Horn
* Windshield

Location: Plainwell


* Upgraded black seat and black sun top
* 14-spoke limited edition aluminum wheels/low profile tires
* high speed kit
* LED Head Lights/ Tail Lights
* horn
* Rear-View Mirror
* Side Reflectors

Location: Traverse City

Brand New Car - Includes 4-year factory warranty!
AC Motor - faster acceleration, shorter charging time!
Windshield and Sandstone hubcaps included

  • Location: Traverse City
  • AC Electric Motor
  • Head Lights, Tail Lights
  • High Speed Package
  • Upgraded 10” wheels/ tires
  • Horn and Gas Gauge
  • Side Reflectors and Rear-View Mirror
  • 4 Year Factory Warranty